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Walk the line. Cloven in two by the wall, Bernauer Straße became a tragic symbol of Berlin’s division like no other street in the city. The pavement: French controlled West Berlin – the apartment blocks facing onto the pavement, Soviet controlled East Berlin. Nowhere else was the brutal and arbitrary nature of the border so painfully articulated than in the rending of families, daring escapes, and tragic losses that occurred at Bernauer Straße.

Join us as we dissect Berlin’s enforced schizophrenia like only Brewer’s Berlin Tours can. We’ll walk you through ghost stations and gh ost buildings, bring to life the stories of those who braved the border – the wall, the bullets and the beds of nails and all – and lived to tell the tale, recount the tragic events surrounding those who lost their lives in their bid for freedom, and explore the motivations and tactics of the East German spy apparatus that stood in their way.

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Featured Sights

  • Original remains of the Berlin Wall
  • Sites of tunnels and escape attempts
  • A church and cemetery destroyed for the Wall
  • A recreated Wall segment
  • "Ghost stations" previously closed for decades
  • Stasi guard tower and security installations
  • Former dead-end streets of East Berlin
  • Mauerpark, Berlin's popular flea market and Sunday chill spot
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