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Berlin has long been the alternative capital of Europe: a chaotic mish mash of beaten up buildings, non-stop nightlife, and a charming disregard for prosperity. But what about the Berliners themselves? Well, they’ve always been a rowdy bunch – never afraid of butting heads, and hard, with the powers that be. Indeed, there’s a spirit of rebellion that has always and continues to run thick through the Hauptstadt’s veins. Come with us as we illuminate the anarchy.

We’ll walk the cabaret mile of the roaring 20s when sex, drugs and nihilism were the Berliner’s bread and butter, remember civilian riots against the iron grip of the Hohenzollern monarchy, head into the heart of Kreuzberg to do some squat hopping and discuss how gentrification is changing the face of one of the city’s most hardcore anti-establishment areas, and size up how Berliners are gearing themselves up to fight for the issues that matter in the here and now. A hard hat and an open mind recommended.

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Featured Sights

  • The old Berlin Cabaret Mile
  • Ruins of World War II
  • Gentrification hotspots
  • Former squats and centers of political activism
  • Famous nightlife districts and multicultural neighbourhoods
  • Wall strip and remains of the border
  • House built from leftovers on the former site of the Wall
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