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The Prussian kings ruled Berlin with pomp, grandeur and an iron fist, but Potsdam is the place where they really left their mark. Spectacular palaces, endless gardens, gushing fountains, winding waterways, and faux Greco-ruins compose this summertime playground of royal proportions – a worthy rival to the splendour of Paris’ Versailles if ever there was one.

After a short train ride from the city centre, we’ll spend the day taking in the big-hitters – Frederick the Great’s pleasure palace Sanssouci, his boastful Neue Palais, and Schloss Cecilienhof, where Churchill, Truman and Stalin carved Berlin and Germany into four, included. Be prepared to head off the beaten track and into some of the hidden corners of Park Sanssouci and the Neuer Garten, too. Come the end of the day we’ll park up on the edge of the Havel river and sup on a cold beer or several, courtesy of bankside brewery The Meierei. And if you’re up for a swim, bring your trunks – one of Berlin’s best swimming lakes, Heiliger See, is a stone’s throw from where we finish.

A Berlin ABC day ticket (or other valid ticket for public transport) is required for this tour, which costs €7,60 and can be purchased on the spot. The palaces of Sanssouci can optionally be entered after the tour; ticket prices range between €8-12.

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Featured Sights

  • Sanssouci Palace
  • Sanssouci Gardens
  • Neue Palais
  • Charlottenhof
  • Picture Gallery
  • Chinese tea house
  • Orangerie
  • Roman baths
  • Old mill and gardens
  • Potsdam Old Town
  • and more…
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