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Berlin over the past 100 years has changed so dramatically, that its very its very foundations were desytroyed or are hidden literally and figuratively! Such rapid change has left the city with oddities that can’t always be discussed on an “average” tour: Berlin’s 15th century royal residential palace, opening Fall 2020? The oldest part of central Berlin dating to the 1980s? Berlin’s first post-Wall international airport taking 12 years to construct and costing upwards up to 6 Billion Euros?

Join our local expert to discover not only Berlin’s main sights, but a “Berliner’s Berlin.” Walk around the bustling Museum Island, while dusting away Medival layers. Discover the modern Government District, to better understand the Reichstag. Take in the lovel Lustgarten Park and its numerous memorials all while skimming along the “standard” routes of the city. Among these you will also see:

The entire Museum Island
Berliner Palace
Spree River
Neue Wache
Bebelplatz (sight of Nazi held book-burning)
Brandenburger Tor
Government District (Chancellery, Building, Bundestag, Reichstag)
Tiergarten (Soviet Memorial, Homosexual Memorial, Roma and Sinti Memorial)
Hitler Bunker
Nazi Government District
Potsdamer Platz
The Berlin Wall
Checkpoint Charlie
Berlin’s old Jewish District
New Synagogue

And all the hidden spots our guide adds along the way!

Of course all this in 6-hours is a heavy toll, but our guides will be sure to take at least two breaks in nice local spots, maybe even their own favorite! Moreover, this tour promises to be a maximum group size of 15, so your guide will be able to take time to answer any questions you may have without thinking of the clock!

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Tour Includes

World War II

  • Hitler’s bunker
  • former SS headquarters
  • Nazi ministry district
  • Bebelplatz, the book burning square

Jewish Berlin

  • New Synagogue
  • former Jewish Girls’ School
  • courtyards and streets of the Scheunenviertel

Cold War

  • Berlin Wall
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • East & West Berlin

Imperial Berlin & Sinful 1920s

  • Unter den Linden
  • Museum Island
  • Gendarmenmarkt
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Reichstag
  • Friedrichstrasse, the former cabaret mile
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