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We are Brewer's Berlin Tours: a tight-knit team of Berliners who walk the German capital's streets in the name of Terry Brewer — the man, myth and legend who led tours across the Berlin Wall for allied personnel in the 1960s.

Today we follow in his footsteps, inspired by his passion, knowledge and penchant for shouting at trams, to share Berlin's stories and secrets with you.

Today Brewer's Berlin Tours is a family of friends who, having worked with Terry for years, are in a unique position to show you a side of Berlin that most people don't have access to. All Brewer's guides are long-term residents, passionate about their home, its complex history and love showing visitors why Berlin is one of the most exciting cities in the world.

The Guides


Alexander – with Brewer’s since 2013 – is an eternal scholar, and for the past 7 years Berlin has been his field of study. For him there’s no end to the dots that need connecting between the diverse parts of the city’s history.

He’s a Canadian gent with old school sensibilities, and when he’s not on the beat he’s tinkering about with his typewriters and Rolleiflex camera.

He’s a dedicated foodie, too – if Berlin’s food scene were an odyssey, here’s your Odysseus. Two faves are ‘Street Food Thursday’ at Markthalle Neun and the slap-dash Thai cookups at Preußen Park on Sundays.


Longtime Germanophile Polly has studied German language, history and culture for as long as she can remember. From secondary school through Leeds and Leipzig universities, she landed in Berlin in 2012 (becoming a guide with Brewer’s the same year) to continue on her path to teutonic nirvana.

Often told that she’d make a wonderful lecturer herself, she’s got an uncanny knack for taking Berlin’s most complicated bits and rendering them easy for digestion. As for her spare time, it’s all about the outdoors – cycling through the Tiergarten, swimming in the Teufelsee, and wandering in Treptower Park.


Jonathan, by his own admission, is an Israeli by profession. He’s also a canal-hopping, ping-pong-playing veteran of the Berlin guiding scene, and has been with Brewer’s since 2013. With familial connections to Berlin and Germany, he peels away at the layers of the city with a rare clarity, candidness and sense of humour. He’s got jokes, lots of them – enough in fact to fill the Volkshalle (if it had ever been built).

After dark recommendation: Dr Pong. Because it’s a bar where you can play ping-pong. Plus he DJs there, and isn’t ashamed of a bit of self-promotion.


When Terry Brewer finally retired in 2012, Oregon-born Preston stepped in to fill his considerable walking boots, and now stands tall (literally and figuratively) at the helm of the company. Having lived in the city and worked for Brewer’s since 2001, and with two degrees in German history, he’s a walking encyclopedia of all things Germany and Berlin.

If you couldn’t catch a tour with the boss man, then chances are you’ll find him in the basement of Zosch on a Wednesday, watching his buddies in the jazz band La Foote Creole. Unless it’s snowing, in which case he’ll be wandering in the drifts down at the Soviet War Memorial.


And master of them all to boot. Initially a writer and journalist, Sam’s been in Berlin since 2012 and working for Brewer’s as a guide since 2013.

An inquisitive soul, it was inevitable that he’d tumble headfirst down the the rabbit hole of Berlin’s tumultuous history – and he’s yet to fall out the other side. That being the case, he’ll happily bend your ear, with a serious storytelling panache that’s all his own, about all manner of Berlin-based topics. He’s still writing, too – fantasy fiction nut that he is, he produces his own in his spare time.

A few favourite spots? Heiliger See, Grünewald, and Vagabund Brauerei.


Half Australian, half Russian, Theo felt the tug of his slavic blood and left the golden shores of New South Wales a decade ago for the frontier of Eastern Europe – deciding to hang his incredible selection of hats in a city built on a swamp. Thankfully, he justifies, swampland = lakes, and that’s where you’ll find him when the mercury is rising (particularly the Bernsteinsee). As for winter, that’s sauna time (Saunabad is a favourite).

A guide with us since 2007, it’s Berlin’s contrasts – the old and the new, the ups and the downs – that fascinate Theo, and it’s his energy and enthusiasm that keep people coming back for more of his tours.


Drawn far from his Antipodean beginnings to discover the land of his father, it was inevitable that William – a free spirit with an eye for eclectic architecture and a taste for the culturally diverse – would end up settling in Berlin. A new Brewer (starting with the company in 2015) but a long-serving guide, his MO is weaving the city’s past into its present and helping those in his charge get the most out of their stay.

When free time beckons he’s either heading for the Havel river around Potsdam, or on the hunt for Berlin’s best coffee. A couple of hints in that vein: Cafe9 and Five Elephant.