Terry Brewer —
Man, Myth & Legend

Brewer's Berlin Tours is named after Terry Brewer — Man, Myth and Legend.

As a child Terry witnessed the destruction in London caused by World War II and visited Germany as a backpacker in 1954 searching for answers. He saw first hand a country in ruin, struggling to recover from war.

As part of an illustrious and mysterious career with the British Diplomatic Service, Terry was stationed in Berlin in the 1960s. Living on the front line of the Cold War, his fascination with the Soviet East became so renowned he started guiding Allied personnel through the divided city, crossing the Berlin Wall on a daily basis. As the Wall started to crumble and excitement swept the city, Terry wondered what would happen next.

Following reunification and inspired by earlier guiding success, Terry took to the streets. Armed with his umbrella he wanted to share his unrivalled knowledge of the city with a new generation of backpackers and Brewer's Berlin Tours was born.

After building his team, educating and inspiring tens of thousands of visitors, Terry Brewer finally hung up his walking boots in the spring of 2012.

Today Brewer's Berlin Tours is a family of friends who, having worked with Terry for years, are in a unique position to show you a side of Berlin that most people don't have access to. All Brewer's guides are long-term residents, passionate about their home, its complex history and love showing visitors why Berlin is one of the most exciting cities in the world.

We are not a global brand, we are local experts. We pride ourselves on leading tours of intimate-sized groups, we are free from scripts and pre-determined routes making every Brewer's experience one to remember.